Who We Are

Leebly Technologies is a web agency founded in Quebec, specializing in web design, software development, and mobile applications. The founders, forming a dynamic duo, are dedicated to bringing your digital projects to life with passion and expertise. We combine creativity and technology to offer innovative and customized solutions that meet your specific needs. Whether you need a business web site, an e-commerce site, or a robust mobile application, we have the expertise to turn your ideas into reality.

Our Values

These values are the heart and soul of our web agency. They guide our decisions, shape our interactions with clients, and pave the way for achieving our mission and goals.

  • Continuous Improvement

    Constant learning and directly facing challenges? That’s our daily life. Our web agency is here to provide solutions that not only meet current needs but are also ready for the future.

  • Collaboration

    At Leebly Technologies, teamwork is not just a buzzword; it's how we create magic. We believe that the convergence of different perspectives stimulates innovation and solves the toughest problems. We ensure that every voice is heard and valued.

  • Client Focus

    Your needs, challenges, and goals. That’s why we’re here. Providing customized, top-tier solutions that hit the mark every time is our commitment to you. Together, we’re not just building software; we’re building lasting partnerships.

  • Excellence

    Quality is our mantra, in every fiber of our work. At Leebly Technologies, we always strive to do better, paying attention to the smallest details and delivering software that is not just good, but excellent. For us, setting the industry standard is just the beginning.



Currently on track to completing a Master's in Software Engineering, Nicolas is continuously looking for new challenges and learning opportunities. His expertise in agility and DevOps ensures the best outcomes for each project. Passionate about snowboarding, his experience as an instructor highlights his team spirit, enabling close collaboration with clients.




Trained as an actuary, Philippe embodies pragmatism and focuses on delivering tangible results for his clients. As a keen sportsman and cinema enthusiast, his curious mind nurtures his personal and professional development, allowing him to bring a unique and creative perspective to each project.


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