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Your website is the showcase of your business. At Leebly Technologies, we offer custom web design services throughout the province of Quebec. Our team of experts creates attractive and functional websites that strengthen your online presence and convert visitors into customers.

Our services

Customized solutions for your unique web development needs

Showcase website

Every business is unique, and so should your website. We create custom showcase websites that captivate your visitors at first glance.

E-commerce website

Our team of developers uses the latest technologies to create fast, responsive, and secure e-commerce websites. We ensure your site offers an exceptional user experience.


We offer consultation services to optimize your website's performance, improve SEO, and enhance your position in Google search results.

The benefits

Why choose Leebly Technologies for your web design projects

Custom websites

Our websites meet the specific needs of your business.

Captivating design

We create web designs that attract your audience and strengthen your brand.

SEO optimization

Our sites are optimized to ensure maximum visibility and increased traffic.

User experience

We offer intuitive and easy-to-navigate websites, ensuring maximum satisfaction.

Our web design and development process

At Leebly Technologies, we follow a rigorous and methodical process to ensure the quality and performance of every website we create. Discover our key steps:

Needs analysis and planning

We start with an in-depth analysis of your business needs. This step allows us to understand your goals, target audience, and competitors. Then, we develop a detailed plan for your website design.

Custom design

Our web agency creates custom mockups that reflect your brand identity. We work closely with you to ensure the web design perfectly matches your expectations. Each showcase and e-commerce website is unique and tailored to your image.

Development and integration

We develop your website while ensuring it is fast, secure, and responsive. Each website is rigorously tested to guarantee an optimal user experience and improve your online presence.

SEO optimization

SEO optimization is integrated from the beginning of the development process. We use advanced techniques to improve your website's visibility on Google and attract qualified traffic. Our SEO experts work to ensure your site ranks high in search results.

Launch and follow-up

After the launch of your website, we monitor its performance and make the necessary adjustments to ensure its long-term success. Our technical support is available to answer all your questions and resolve any issues.

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Will my website be mobile-friendly?

Yes, all our websites are designed with responsive layouts to ensure a seamless experience on all devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.

How much does a website cost?

The cost depends on various factors, including the size of the site, its complexity, and any specific functionalities required. Contact us to know the exact cost of your project and get a detailed quote tailored to your needs and objectives.